Finishing the Sand Martin Bank

December 20, 2016

Last week we posted an update about the sand martin bank we were installing at Abberton Reservoir. It was quite a feat – crossing a waterway with a large trailer to install the sand martin bank on a small island.

With the structure in place, this week we were able to go back and finish it off. This involved adding the insulated, sedum roof and installing the front of the structure where the entrance to each nesting hole is located, each featuring a soft, mortar entranceway. Below, you can see how we installed the sedum roof and that each nesting box is accessible from the rear of the structure.

The sand martin bank now sits on the small island, awaiting its first visitors. We completed it late in the evening on a winter night, so our final shot was taken in the dark, but more photos of the completed structure will follow.

Read about the finished sand martin bank here.

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