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Design & Construction Services

For wooden walkways, boardwalks, wooden bridges, and decked paths, the Wild Deck Company can get your visitors from A to B and back again. Experienced in constructing timber structures, platforms, and walkways, we can make just about anything – from decked, ground level paths, to wooden walkways raised over water or rough terrain. We link these up using traditional bridges and crossings, as well as stairs and ramps.

Morden hall park boardwalk planBespoke Design Services

We pride ourselves on working hard and working smart in order to make a complete outdoor area that fits all of your design specifications. We can combine our boardwalks and bridges with viewing platforms, dipping platforms, timber structures, and outdoor seating to offer exactly the natural, outdoor area you are looking for. Equally, if you are only in need of a single item, such as a bridge to span a given expanse, we can work to build this too.

Everything that we build is bespoke, meaning that it will be designed exactly to your needs. In general, our design process follows a loose procedure:

  • Initial discussion where client establishes requirements
  • Site survey
  • Project proposal for client’s approval

Past Creations

We have worked on numerous sites over the years, incorporating many boardwalks and bridges into our projects. Listed here are a few examples of the work that we have done. Simply click a link to find out more details about a project and to see more images.

Morden Hall Park

18 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property

Morden Hall Park is a natural area in London where we built an extensive (250 metre) boardwalk across a wetland. The design incorporates a dipping platform and a viewing platform, and is a great example of how we can convert a previously unusable wetland area into something that can be enjoyed by countless visitors. The boardwalk features a toeboard and passing places, allowing visitors in wheelchairs and push chairs to pass each other easily.

Read more about Morden Hall Park.

Victorian Style, Arched Bridge

Victorian style arched bridge

Built entirely in oak, this bridge is a replica of an existing, Victorian style, arched bridge, that was rotting and had to be replaced for safety reasons. We paid great attention to detail, ensuring that we copied all details of the original so that visitors to the historic estate would barely notice – except for the fact that the bridge was suddenly brand new! The bridge itself is 42 feet (13 metres) long and connects two paths, either side of a lake feeder stream.

Read more about the Victorian style, arched bridge.

15 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust propertyBoardwalks

Boardwalks are the core of navigation around natural settings. They enable visitors to wetlands to reach places that would have otherwise been unreachable, and we have years of experience working in ‘terrible conditions’, installing boardwalks across uneven terrain, swampy and boggy wetlands, and other difficult conditions that would have otherwise been dangerous (and messy) for visitors to access.

We use boardwalks to connect everything that we make and have had great joy building networks of boardwalks that connect paths with viewing platforms, bird and wildlife hides, and other features, utilising ramps and bridges to traverse gaps and height changes. Essentially a bridge or a ramp is an extension of a boardwalk, but like everything we do, we like to do it in an aesthetically pleasing way, using natural materials that fit in with the natural landscapes that they exist in.

Customisations for boardwalks include handrails, toeboards, grip decks, and flexible shapes.

Boardwalk leading to pond dipping platfrom by wild deck company

Boardwalks and bridges

Bridge style pond diping platform with rope handles by the wild deck companyBridges

We can create bridges that are either standalone or part of an extended boardwalk system, along with ramps and other features. As all of our bridges are bespoke, you can choose whether you want a flat bridge, an arched bridge (with varying levels of ‘hump’), and any particular detailing. We have replicated existing bridges and we have designed bridges completely from scratch, so we are flexible to your project needs.

Multi-Purpose Structures

If required, we can even make a dual purpose bridge such as our rope handled bridge you can see here. Whilst serving the primary purpose of being a bridge, it also serves as a pond dipping platform, allowing easy access to the water for those who wish to interact with aquatic life. By combining this wit boardwalks and other structures, you could create quite an expansive wetland exploration.

Victorian theme arched bridge smaller
Bespoke wooden bridge front view e1420630087828

Accessible Boardwalks & Platforms

We believe that all individuals have the right to enjoy nature, no matter their physical abilities. From wheelchair accessible boardwalks to viewing platforms that can be reached by less physically able individuals, we are here to help you meet the special needs of your visitors. Below are a few features that help make our creations suitable for all and you can find out more about our accessible boardwalks and platforms here.

Access ramp wooden viewing platform for wetland area with disabled access by the wild deck company

Access Ramps

Raised accessible wheelchair friendly viewing platform by the wild deck company

Safety Handrails

kick toe boards

Kick Boards / Toe Boards

Quality Materials & Construction

We choose to only use FSC certified or similarly sustainable timber in our constructions which will weather down to softer colours, more in keeping with the natural landscape. Hand-made by an in house team with decades of experience, all of our projects are built to last and our boardwalks and wooden bridges are no exception.

Thameside boardwalkFully Customisable Options

As everything we make is bespoke, all our designs are customisable to your needs. If you want animal footprints on your boardwalk to excite your visitors, we can do that. If you want an extra high handrail for increased safety, we can do that. If you want any particular design feature, aesthetic or structural, we can incorporate that into what we make for you so that you get a design that you are delighted with.

If you know exactly what you are looking for, we can work to your strict specification. If you have a loose idea of what you want, get in touch with us and one of our designers will be happy to discuss your project and help with suggestions.

We revel in the thrill of undertaking challenging projects and we love using (sustainable) timber as a medium. It fits in beautifully in natural environments and will last for many, many years, proving a great asset to your organisation or home.

Please take a moment to look around the site at some of our other creations, or if you already know what you are looking for, get in contact with us via phone or email to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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