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We believe that all individuals have the right to enjoy nature, no matter their physical abilities, which is why we work so hard to produce accessible boardwalks and inclusive platform features that can be enjoyed by all. There is no such thing as a stock item at Wild Deck Company, and making bespoke creations gives us total freedom to meet the exact needs of our clients every single time. No matter whether you are looking for a wheelchair accessible boardwalk or a viewing platform that can be reached by less physically able individuals, we are here to help you meet the special needs of your visitors.

Features Of Accessible Boardwalks & Platforms

The special requirements of each of our creations is highly tailored to the specification of each of our clients, however here a few features that we have incorporated time and time again to ensure that we make inclusive boardwalks and platforms that are accessible for all.

Access Ramps

Access ramp wooden viewing platform for wetland area with disabled access by the wild deck company

No matter whether we build a raised viewing platform, such as this one, or a ground level bird hide, we can incorporate smooth ramps with gentle inclines that will allow access for wheelchairs and other less mobile individuals.

Safety Handrails

Raised accessible wheelchair friendly viewing platform by the wild deck company

Working in many wetland environments, safety is of the utmost importance in our designs. We can incorporate single or double handrails into our designs that can be used for physical assistance and for preventing falls.

Kick / Toe Boards

kick toe boards

Kick boards / toe boards are a valuable addition to many different boardwalk environments. They prevent both prams and wheelchairs from accidentally rolling off a platform and also serve as a reminder to keep back from the edge to others.

See More Of Our Boardwalks & Viewing Platforms

We have made many different boardwalks and viewing platforms over the years, and our portfolio of creations continues to grow. Click here to see more of our boardwalks, here to see more of our viewing platforms, and here to see more of our pond dipping platforms.

Floating walkways wooden boardwalk bespoke walkways jettys and boardwalks for wetland areas by the wild deck company
morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property
Simple ground mounted viewing platform by the wild deck company
hexagonal pond dipping platform with walkway by the wild deck company 300 200

Design Your Own Accessible Boardwalks & Platforms

Whether you need seating to let people rest, gates that can be unlocked from a seated position, or anything else that you can think of, please get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and we will work tirelessly to come up with the perfect solution. We can work to any brief and will help you to create something that you can be proud of whilst remaining inclusive of all visitors.

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