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Pond dipping platforms and jetties by the wild deck company 1

Encouraging Visitors to Engage With the Environment

Pond dipping platforms, wooden decks, and jetties encourage visitors to learn and have fun with the wonders of the aquatic environment. We offer a complete service that encompasses design, construction, and installation as well as planning and consents. With extensive experience, quality construction, and creative design, The Wild Deck Company are the wooden platform experts.

Design Possibilities are Endless

Every single one of our designs is bespoke, with each construction being made to order, and we do all of our design and manufacturing in-house, avoiding the use of subcontractors. As well as being able to accommodate any shape, terrain, or dimension your project might require, we can also incorporate interesting features and themed designs that are both informative and look great. To offer a little bit of creative inspiration, here are a few features that we have already incorporated into our designs in the past.

Varying Sizes

08 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property

Gone are the days where a pond dipping platform was no more than a tiny space at the end of a rickety walkway where children jockeyed for position at the water’s edge. We can make dipping platforms of any size and this dipping platform at Morden Hall Park is a great example of this.

Read more about the Morden Hall Park boardwalk and platforms project.

Any Shape

Hexagonal pond dipping platform with walkway by the wild deck company

This hexagonal dipping platform serves the dual purpose of increasing aesthetic appeal whilst simultaneously allowing greater access to the water. A square platform here wouldn’t have the same impact or functional use, but any shape that you want is a possibility.

Read more about our customisation options.

Dual Purpose

Bridge style pond diping platform with rope handles by the wild deck company

This structure serves the dual purpose of being both a bridge and a pond dipping platform. The rope hand rails offer safety for those who wish simply to cross over the water, whilst also granting easy access to the water’s edge for those who wish to interact with aquatic life.

Read more about dual purpose structures.

Natural Appearance

Simple open pond dipping platform at newport by the wild deck company

The majority of our structures spend their lifetime in very rural surroundings and we pride ourselves on making natural looking structures that blend subtly into the environment. This simple dipping platform blends in well to its surroundings whilst being highly functional.

Safety Features

Viewing platform and pond dipping platform by the wilde deck company with wooden hand rail

The single hand rail around this dipping platform enables it to perform the dual purpose of also being a viewing platform. Visitors can easily choose to look out over the rail at the waterways nearby or use it as a dipping platform by bending under the rail.

Boardwalk Integration

Solihull scout group pond dipping platform and boardwalk by the wild deck company

We use extensive boardwalk networks to make wetland areas highly accessible and link up multiple features. This simple design for Solihull Scouts grants access to a dipping platform that would otherwise not be safely reachable.

Access Gates

pond dipping platform at rushden lakes

If access to pond dipping platforms is an issue, particularly with children in terms of safety, we can build lockable fences and gates. Coupled with barriers, these can help to make the whole environment safer for all.

Integration With Nature

pond dipping platform and picnic shelter

Whatever your setting, we endeavour to make our creations blend seamlessly into the natural world. Over time, the timbers will soften down to grey, silvery hues, and our rustic designs will become part of the landscape.

Create An Ecosystem

curved pond dipping platform at rspb pagham harbour

If you don’t have a pond for a pond dipping platform, we can create one for you, making it exactly what you want. In this way, we create new ecosystems, allowing nature to flourish and spreading the joy of the natural world.

Customisation Options

Everything that we make at The Wild Deck Company is completely bespoke, meaning that it will be custom built to your requirements. Rather than getting an ‘old fashioned dipping platform’, we like to make the experience as engaging as possible, incorporating design features that benefit visitors by offering increased aesthetics, comfort, or accessibility. Some common customisations include, but are not limited to:

  • Shore or stilt mounted (usually over water) dipping platforms.
  • Boardwalk integrated viewing platforms.
  • Non-slip, grip surfaces on decking.
  • Infinite finishing options: rustic, painted, natural, etc.
  • Handrails and fencing.
  • Information points and notice boards.
  • Lookout posts.
  • Steps or ramps, dependent upon required access.
  • Gates and archways.
  • Benches and seating for resting and picnics.
  • Themed carvings and sculptures.
  • Pontoon style structures.

When you combine a dipping platform with a boardwalk network, you are essentially opening up a whole world of possibilities over what can be done. Morden Hall Park is one such example where we created an extensive boardwalk that linked two sides of a wetland and granted access to a dipping platform and a viewing platform. All of the following pictures are part of the Morden Hall Park boardwalk and platform network.

03 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property
16 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property
10 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property

See the full post about the Morden Hall Park boardwalk project.

Dual Purpose Structures

A structure doesn’t have to serve a single purpose, allowing you to maximise design potential. The following two pond dipping platforms serve dual purposes – one acting as a bridge, the other as a viewing platform.

Dual purpose bridge and pond dipping platform with rope handles by the wild deck company
Dual purpose viewing platform and pond dipping platform by the wild deck company

Design and Construction

Pond dipping platform construction by the wild deck companyDurable Materials and Construction

We only use FSC certified timber when we make our viewing platforms and construct everything in-house with an experienced team. Our platforms are designed and made to be durable, and to withstand the test of time and the elements.

Fixed Price Quotes and an ‘All-In’ Service

We offer fixed price quotes for all work discussed and provide an itemised and detailed proposal as standard. To start though, tell us about your project and we’ll give you an estimated cost prior to a formal quote. There’s no need to hire separate contractors as we can cover every aspect for you – even landscaping, planning, and consents where necessary. For projects dependent on grant funding, we can provide our proposal for inclusion in your application.

We’re happy to discuss potential projects in advance to support this so talk to us today!

Tell Us About Your Project

Number 1

Contact us for an initial discussion about your ideas and requirements. We’ll talk you through some different options and if you like the sound of what we have to offer, we will arrange a good time to visit to discuss things further. We can also give you a cost estimate and answer any initial questions you might have.

Site Survey

Number 2

Our surveyor will visit your site free of charge and without obligation to discuss the project in more depth and take details such as dimensions, positioning, and requirements, as well as climatic and landscaping constraints – we have installed many structures in boggy wetlands, but we need to know what we are in for!


Number 3

A full, written proposal including design specifications, plans, costs, and time-frames will be prepared. If required, we can provide multiple costed options to find the best solution for your needs. We work hard to find a solution that works for your budget and specification.

Pond dipping platform construction pre water by the wild deck companyOn Go-Ahead: The Full Service

The Wild Deck Company provides a fully comprehensive service which includes obtaining planning permissions and any other necessary consents, saving you valuable time. Our service doesn’t stop there though as we’ll be on hand to deal with anything you might need from start to finish and beyond. With decades of experience building bespoke timber structures, we’re professional, knowledgeable, and flexible.

Aftercare and Maintenance

We believe that our customers are our customers for life. In addition to our support prior to construction we will also provide a comprehensive handover with advice on maintenance and upkeep of your new dipping platform. Also, should you ever need us to, we can return to make modifications, updates, or any other changes you might need.

Testament to this is our continued work for Essex Wildlife Trust at Abberton Reservoir – we started off by building a bird hide for them and they were so impressed with our work that they invited us back time and time again to build more on the site. We have now built five birds hides, a children’s visitor centre, an outdoor playground, and a sand martin bank for them.

Designing Your Dipping Platform

If you are thinking about installing a pond dipping platform on your site, the very first step is to get in contact with us: give us a call or send us an email, we are happy to answer either. If you have any questions about our products, services, or would like to discuss a project, we’d love to hear from you.

Make an enquiry large

Take A Look At What Else We Make

We make pretty much anything out of timber and you can see a lot of these creations in our product portfolio. However, as you have an interest in dipping platforms, we’d like to draw your attention to two pages in particular:

  • The Boardwalks / Bridges Page – Used to link viewing platforms to other structures and allows wetland exploration. With a boardwalk network, anything is possible.
  • The Viewing Platforms Page – Very similar to dipping platforms, but offering views across the natural landscape with the possibility of installing an elevated platform.
Weaving through the trees wooden boardwalk bespoke walkways jettys and boardwalks for wetland areas by the wild deck company
Raised viewing platform at morden hall park by the wild deck company