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Wooden Sculptures and Carvings by The Wild Deck Company

As well as timber structures and wooden buildings, we can also create themed, wooden sculptures and carvings for the natural environment. Wooden animal carvings are, in particular, a specialty and we have experience in creating realistic wooden sculptures, as well as themed benches and seating that incorporate carvings into their design.

Encourage Learning & Discovery

Using carvings, etchings, and wooden sculptures we can create interest, educate, and form activities through discovery. From a single piece to an elaborate theme as part of a bigger project, our sculptures are beautiful and fun. Talk to us today to find out what we can do for you.

We can make any sculpture, carving, or engraving that you desire, so don’t be afraid to challenge us. Below, we showcase a few of our designs and have split them into three loose categories. Scroll down to see our ‘unclassified’ category of carvings where we address implementing carvings into a diverse assortment of locations, letting your imagination run wild!

Character Sculptures


Based upon characters from stories, legends, or folklore, character sculptures are instantly reconisable by visitors and become a talking point with family and friends.

Take a look at our character sculptures.

Ground Bearing Sculptures


Ground bearing sculptures can be of any size and form due to having no weight restrictions. We find wildlife scenes tend to work very well for these types of carvings.

Take a look at our ground bearing sculptures.

Mounted Sculptures


A mounted sculpture is anything that is positioned away from the ground and requires secure fastening. Smaller animals and birds work well in these settings.

Take a look at our mounted sculptures.

This is just the beginning – take a look at some of our other uses of carvings and sculptures and push your imagination to its limits!

Character Sculptures

Recognisable characters are something that everybody loves to talk about and we pay great attention to detail when capturing the most defining characteristics of every character. The photos below are Brambly Hedge themed characters that we made for the Brambly Hedge Trail at Abberton Reservoir. Each carving started life as a solid block of wood until we slowly chipped away and achieved the finished forms that you can see below.



Ground Bearing Sculptures and Carvings

The benefit of a ground bearing sculpture is that you are not limited by weight or size. There is incredible diversity available in these sculptures – pretty much anything that you can think of. Often we have made wooden carvings and sculptures of animals that are native to the local environment. In the UK this often includes badgers, foxes, deers, and squirrels, but they are just the beginning. We have made larger sculptures by making families of animals and sometimes position a fox carving by a fox hole (crawl through tunnel) when making outdoor play areas as part of our sister company, Flights of Fantasy.



Mounted Sculptures and Carvings

A mounted sculpture is anything that is positioned away from the ground, or any other ground platform, and requires secure fastening. Generally we place our mounted sculptures on posts or pieces of play equipment (when working on an outdoor play area with our sister company, Flights of Fantasy), but in truth, they could be attached anywhere. Smaller animals and birds work well in these settings because they appear more natural – you’re far more likely to see a squirrel or a kite atop a post than a deer or a badger! As with most of our sculptures and carvings, we often like to replicate local wildlife.



Let Your Imagination Run Wild

With experience of creating intricately themed play areas in our sister company, Flights of Fantasy, we are able to come up with, source, and create unique and intriguing features for any project. Our designs are always locally relevant and accurately researched with regards to local history, culture, or wildlife specific to the region.

We can incorporate wooden carvings and sculptures into many of our other creations. Here are a few more examples of where we have done this, but don’t let your imagination limit you to only these ideas.



This particular design is taken from our sister company, Flights of Fantasy’s pirate galleon.

Decking Etchings


Animal tracks featuring local animals add an extra layer of interest for visitors on this boardwalk.

Decorative Signage


Adding a personal touch with intricate, delicate, and attractive signs conveys more than just information.

Decorative Etchings


Any surface can be made more interesting and beautiful by a thoughtful etching.

Themed Seating


Themed seating and picnic areas make places of rest far more appealing.

Hidden Treasures


Subtly tucked away, a small carving be a wonderful find for unsuspecting visitors.

Interactive Features


Sliders, buttons, and other interactive features can incorporate small carvings.

Dog Tethers


Why leave your furry friend alone when you can leave him with a wooden friend?

Designing Your Wooden Sculpture or Carving (s)

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via email or phone to discuss your own wooden sculptures or carvings – we are only too happy to help, and can work from strict design ideas or create designs completely from scratch to fit your needs.

No matter whether you are looking for an individual carving of a specific animal or a complete zoo of carvings to fill a forest, we look forward to the challenge. Where appropriate, we can also incorporate the design with other features to compliment your natural setting such as boardwalks, dipping platforms, and observation decks / viewing platforms.

We look forward to hearing from you.