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rushden lakes shopping centreRushden Lakes Shopping Centre is a unique place to shop, eat, and explore, offering a world of outdoor discovery at the gateway to the Nene Wetlands. It combines a modern shopping centre with the natural world, promoting the environment – something that we are happy to be a part of. As part of the development, they asked us to build a series of giant animal sculptures and wooden animal carvings – all based on creatures that live in the local environment.

We made several giant bird and hare sculptures, constructed from metal frames and finished with hand woven willow, in addition to many different birds, mammals, and insects that populate the local environment. These are now positioned around the grounds of Rushden Lakes for all visitors to enjoy.

Giant Animal Sculptures

We made a hare, a flying swan, two racing swallows, and three starlings from willow woven onto metal frames. Each structure is far larger than reality… far larger than a human, in fact, so they are quite striking for visitors who encounter them for the first time.

The Hare

giant hare sculpture

The hare, mid run

giant hare sculpture head

The willow is hand woven

giant hare bottom

The back of the sculpture

giant hare with russell sitting on it

Size comparison with an adult

A Swan Taking Flight

swan flying rear view rushden lakes sculptures

The swan is captured mid flight

flying swan rushden lakes sculptures

Shoppers can’t miss the huge structure

Two Racing Swifts

swallow flight rushden lakes sculptures

Poised in mid-flight

racing swallow sculptures

The sculptures are easily visible

giant racing swallows to human size comparison

A size comparison with an adult

Three Hungry Starlings

three giant starlings

The starlings are on a giant bird table

three chatty starlings rushden lakes sculptures

Each has a different poise

starlings rushden lakes sculptures

The table even has ‘food’ they are eating

Wooden Animal Carvings

Incorporating many different creatures from the local wildlife, we placed many carvings around the site for visitors to discover.

duck carving wooden sculpture rushden lakes

A duck by the water

otter carving on ground

A ground mounted otter carving

fox carving in forest

A friendly fox

pike carving

A pike… on land!

fox carving face

The face of the fox

owl carving in tree 1

An owl carving, mounted in a tree

kingfisher carving in tree

A tree mounted kingfisher

woodlouse carving

A woodlouse carving

snake carving coiled wooden sculpture rushden lakes

Carving of a coiled snake

water vole face wooden sculpture rushden lakes

A water vole

Other Creations At Rushden Lakes

In addition to giant sculptures and wooden animal carvings, we also built a picnic shelter with a footbridge, four nature-themed play areas, and a pond dipping platform at Rushden Lakes. You can get an overview of all our creations at Rushden Lakes here.

Four Nature-Themed Play Areas

As part of our sister company that specialises in bespoke play equipment, Flights of Fantasy, we built four nature themed play areas. Each one incorporates elements of the local flora or fauna, offering a memorable and engaging play experience for children of all ages. You can see more information about the Rushden Lakes play areas on the Flights of Fantasy website by clicking here.

bat carving in tree

Creating Your Perfect Sculptures & Carvings

Use the giant animal sculptures and wooden animal carvings on this page as inspiration for your project, as well as the other wooden carvings and sculptures that we have made over the years. We love a creative challenge, so no matter whether you are looking for something similar to what we have already made or something completely new and unique, we are up to it!

To start the design process, please get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.

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