This Heron’s Nest Is Big Enough For Humans

February 26, 2018
herons nest play

Gone are the days where climbing frames need to be lifeless metal structures that serve as unimaginative play features. We believe in rustic, attractive design, and recently drew upon our skills with natural timbers to create a giant heron’s nest for children to play in at Rushden Lakes. The rustic design blends with the natural surroundings and incorporates our rustic picnic benches, several metal heron sculptures, and even a collection of eggs to excite children.

rustic picnic benches and herons nest play area
metal heron sculpture
heron eggs


In addition to this rustic play area, we also built three other rustic play areas at Rushden Lakes incorporating natural themes as part of our sister company, Flights of Fantasy, which you can see here. We also built a series of giant animal sculptures and wooden animal carvings which you can see here.

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