Larger Than Life Animal Sculptures Featuring Local British Wildlife

March 06, 2018

We love to create memorable carvings and our latest animal sculptures at Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre are certainly memorable – larger that life, they are easily big enough for an adult to sit on and they are placed between busy walkways at the shopping centre where they will be highly visible. Each sculpture is based on local British wildlife and we made them by weaving willow over a welded steel frame. The finished designs incorporated a running hare, a swan taking flight, two racing swallows, and three hungry starlings at a bird table.

giant hare rushden lakes sculptures

Running Hare

swan flying rear view rushden lakes sculptures

Swan Taking Flight

racing swallows rushden lakes sculptures

Racing Swallows

starlings rushden lakes sculptures

Hungry Starlings

How Big Are They?

To give you an idea of scale, here are some pictures of our sculptures alongside adults…. as you can see, they are rather large!

giant racing swallows to human size comparison

giant hare with russell sitting on it

See more pictures of the finished creations here!