Norfolk’s Hardwood Sawmill Is Now Open

February 21, 2018

quercast sawmilling logoWe’re extremely excited to share that we have opened a specialist oak supplier and hardwood sawmill in Norfolk – Quercast Sawmilling. As demand for our timber structures has increased, we found ourself facing the dilemma of finding a reliable source of sawn hardwood that could cope with our level of demand, particularly for hardwood decking. Rather than relying upon external suppliers, we bought machines to mill our own wood and will now be offering our sawmill services to others under the name of Quercast Sawmilling.

oak tree in fieldAt The Wild Deck Company we choose not to use treated softwood which has proved to be low quality and non-durable, especially with tightening environmental restrictions concerning the use of timber treatments. Instead, we favour traditional English hardwoods for their increased durability and less damaging impact upon the environment, something very important to us. For this reason, Quercast Sawmilling is a specialist hardwood sawmill, although we will also saw select softwood timbers that have similar properties to hardwood such as larch and Douglas fir. Furthering our commitment to the environment, suitable rips will be re-sawn whilst unusable material will be used as firewood or chipped for use in biomass boilers. Much of our stock is from over-stood coppices in Kent, Sussex, and Surry, and we are proud to be responsible for putting nearly 4 acres of neglected coppice back into the coppicing cycle.

quercast logoIn addition to offering a Norfolk based hardwood sawmill, we will also offer a mobile sawmill service across the UK and UK delivery for all of our timber services, including hand-stripped pole and post supply, firewood, wooden decking, air dried timber, sawdust, and bark chippings. Find out more about Quercast Timber Services here.

Quercast Sawmilling is a new adventure for us and we are very excited to be milling our own wood in an environmentally sustainable way, as well as offering timber services to clients across the UK. Please visit Quercast Sawmilling website and let us know what you think. You can find out more about our oak supplier capabilities here and learn more about timber durability here.

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