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This wooden rabbit hutch pergola is a special design that we made for a private garden, offering a safe and spacious environment for rabbits to enjoy. The rabbits have the freedom to roam comfortably within the available space without fear of becoming dinner to any passing foxes, cats, birds of prey, or other creatures who like to prey on rabbits. The door of the pergola has a raised section to prevent bunny runaways when entering and leaving the structure.

rabbit hutch pergola garden

Main pergola view with door

wire mesh rabbit hutch pergola

Hutch viewed through the mesh

garden rabbit hutch pergola

Close to home

The Rabbit Hutch

The hutch can be opened at the side for easy cleaning and also has sliding window and door shutters so that you can safely tuck away your bunnies when needed, such as during fireworks. We also included some hollowed out log lengths for bunnies to play in as burrowing animals enjoy features such as this.

wooden rabbit hutch pergola

Shuttered door and window can be open or closed

opening rabbit hutch pergola

Side opening for easy cleaning

rabbit hutch pergola

Ramp allows easy access for bunnies

Making The Rabbit Hutch And Pergola

Like everything that we make, we designed and constructed the rabbit hutch and the pergola at our workshop in Norfolk. The structure was then dissembled for transport and reassembled on site where it now houses happy bunnies.

front view of rabbit hutch pergola work in progress

The hutch in our workshop

main frame of rabbit hutch pergola work in progress

Testing the main pergola

side view rabbit hutch pergola work in progress

The side opening mechanism

Design Your Perfect Structure

Whether you are looking to commission your own rabbit hutch pergola or something entirely different, we are here to make your visions a reality. Take a look at our other bespoke wooden structures for further inspiration and get in touch with us to discuss your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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