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Wallington hallWallington Hall is a majestic country house with extensive gardens in Northumbria managed by National Trust, and has been a long standing client of our sister company, Flights of Fantasy. As a family friendly attraction, offering something for all ages is vitally important to Wallington Hall and we have built a realistic locomotive with accompanying train station and a wooden fort that both reside in the forest grounds.

Whilst having fun is extremely important, both little and big legs need fuel to keep happy through the day, so we built a wooden food hut that now resides in the forest. The food huts offers hot and cold food, as well as drinks, meaning that families can keep their bellies full and continue to enjoy their day out.

Take a look below at the images of the food hut to see how it fits in to the natural surroundings. In addition to having full electrics and lighting, the three shutters can be folded down to protect the hut from the elements overnight or during bad weather, as well as keeping the contents secure.

Front view wallington hall food hut
Forest view wallington hall food hut
Serving food wallington hall food hut

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Although they were built under the name of Flights of Fantasy, our sister company, we bring all our wooden creations to life in the same workshop using the same group of highly skilled craftsmen. You can view more pictures of each play area by clicking the links below the images.

Designing Your Perfect Wooden Structure

This is just one of the many bespoke wooden buildings we have made over the years, tailored to fit the exact specification give to us by National Trust. If you are looking to commission your own wooden structure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Take a look at some of our other wooden creations for further inspiration and feel free to come to us with exact specifications or loose guidelines – we happily work in many different ways, drawing upon decades of design and construction experience.

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