Animal Centrepiece at Gortin Glen Forest Park

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main carving at gortin glenIncorporating animal carvings such as deer, a squirrel, and a bird of prey, we build an animal centric centrepiece at Gortin Glen Forest Park in Northern Ireland to welcome visitors to the site. The theme was defined as “the forest and things that live therein”, which is why all of the animal carvings feature animals that live within the forest. The centrepiece features a bridge passing over a mock stream, and is etched with many different animal tracks that can be identified by visitors. It’s a striking first impression for all visitors that will be remembered after they have left the site.

This particular design was actually one of two creations that we made in Northern Ireland for NI Direct. The other was a collection of animal carvings and play apparatus titled Animal Wood at Castlewellan Forest Park. We completed both installations at the same time, helping to reduce our environmental footprint.

To complete this particular creation we teamed up with Luke Chapman, a local woodcarver. Despite all of the wooden animal carvings we have completed in the past, we still love seeing a piece of wood taking recognisable form.

squirrel gortin glen forest park wooden sculptures and animal carvings
deer family carving gortin glen
kite carving bird of prey gortin glen

tree truck carvingDesigning Your Own Wooden Carvings

This is just one of our many wooden carving creations. For further inspiration, please take a look at our wooden sculptures and carvings page to see what else we have made over the years. We love working with wood and can rise to any challenge to create something memorable for your home or business.

If you are looking to commission your own carving, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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