Animal Wood At Castlewellan Forest Park

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Animal Wood is a series of animal carvings scattered through a play area that we built for Castlewellan Forest Park in Northern Ireland. A natural setting, we made everything in a very rustic style to entertain both children and adults, making a memorable day out for all. This is one of two sets of carvings that we made for NI Direct, the other being an animal carving centrepiece at Gortin Glen Forest Park.

animal carvings on climbing apparatus

Multiple play features topped with animal carvings

fox carving at castlewellan

A carving of a fox basking in the sun

spider climb

Spider themed climb apparatus, complete with net web

fox carving on foxhole

Fox carving over a foxhole

badger carving

A mounted badger carving

bird carving on play towers

Play apparatus with a bird carving

bird of prey carving animal wood

Bird of prey carving

Designing Your Own Wooden Carvings

This is just one of our many wooden carving creations. For further inspiration, please take a look at our wooden sculptures and carvings page to see what else we have made over the years. We love working with wood and can rise to any challenge to create something memorable for your home or business.

If you are looking to commission your own carving, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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