Why We Made Insect Hotels At Our Latest Creation

March 09, 2018

side of hexagonal bird hide at rspb pagham harbour

This is the new activity centre that we built at RSPB Pagham Harbour. The design has fold out seats and a central table, offering a place for learning and engagement. Outside, there are two large rainwater collection tanks (hidden inside natural timbers to the left of the image above), and very importantly, four insect hotels. Each insect hotel features a collection of drilled timbers and wooden tubes offering many different nesting places for different insects.

bee hotel at hexagonal bird hide at rspb pagham harbour

The Importance Of Insect Hotels

At The Wild Deck Company, we believe passionately in protecting the natural world around us. We are environmentally conscious in everything that we do, and we pay special attention to making small positive changes where we can – such as by adding four insect hotels to the outside of this Activity Centre.

Whilst insect hotels provide a nesting site for many different insects that are crucial to health of an ecosystem, we pay particular attention to solitary bees. Solitary bees account for 90% of the 267 bee species in the UK, and a single red mason bee is equivalent to 120 worker honeybees in terms of pollination. This insect hotel will proved a healthy nesting site for many solitary bees, helping their population to remain stable.

If we can all make small, positive differences in the world, the sum of them will be great.

Find out more about the Activity Centre and Insect Hotels here.