Wildlife Photography Hides

June 07, 2018


We have been building wildlife photography hides, nature hides, and bird hides for many years now which have led to the enjoyment of wildlife photographers, nature lovers, and bird watchers across the UK. Providing an environment that allows nature lovers to enjoy the natural world without disturbing it has always been one of our main goals and it is something that we are very proud of.

What Makes A Good Wildlife Photography Hide?

A good wildlife photography hide requires four main features: it has to be subtle enough to not disturb animals, it has to be comfortable for wildlife photographers to use, it must allow easy positioning of a camera, and it must be in a decent location to allow high quality photos to be captured. Of course you can get good photos by burying yourself under branches in the wet for 10 hours and not moving, but we like to try and make our wildlife photography hides comfortable and enjoyable to use as well! Here is how we do that.

  • Hidden From Nature: All of our wildlife photography hides have solid walls on all sides with shuttered windows for viewing that can be locked open or closed. This ensures that only the minimum amount of the interior of the hide can be seen, minimising the disturbance of wildlife. We often install approach screens on our hides so that visitors will not be seen, even when approaching the hide.
  • Comfortable For Users: Gone are the days where wildlife photography hides are dark, dank, uncomfortable places. We believe in making hides that are enjoyable to visit, providing seating and comfort to visitors. We can customise any wildlife photography hide to make it fully accessible for less mobile visitors, including wheelchair users, and can incorporate any necessary extras such as coat hooks, shelves, and anything else that might be needed.
  • Easy Camera Positioning: We install shelves in front of our shuttered windows, offering visitors the chance to position their camera and take photos without have to shoot through glass which would otherwise ruin the photos. If you prefer to use a tripod, that is entirely possible too with the opportunity to shoot from both standing or seated positions.
  • Good Location For Wildlife Photography: This is where we work with the experts as our speciality is building hides. Let us know where you want to be able to photograph and we will ensure that we position the hide in an appropriate location with clear views of the desired site.

Other Features We Can Add

We are specialists in the construction of timber structures and can make anything that would add to your wildlife photography hide. This includes wetland boardwalks for accessibility, approach screens to keep hidden from nature, and even a coffee shop nearby if appropriate! We work with untreated UK-grown oak, a durable timber that has a life expectancy of up to 25 years, meaning that your structures will be around for many years to come.

Some Examples Of Our Wildlife Photography Hides

Below is a small selection of wildlife photography hides and bird hides that we have made over the years to give you a little inspiration. No matter what you are looking for, we can make it. Take a look at our full collection of wildlife photography hides and bird hides here.

front of bird hide at rspb pagham harbour

Rspb bowling green marsh topsham bird hide front view

Interior windows open octagon bird hide childrens visitor information centre abberton reservoir essex wildlife trust

Front island bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust 1

Wigborough bay bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust 1

Gwens bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust small

Commission Your Own Wildlife Photography Hide

To get started with your own wildlife photography hide, all you have to do is get in contact with us. Let us know a little bit of information about what you hope to create and we can discuss further ideas with you. We look forward to hearing from you.