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We believe that nature should be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their physical abilities. This is why we work hard to make fully accessible bird hides that are inclusive to all, irregardless of their physical abilities. As Wild Deck Company does not produce such a thing as a stock bird hide, we have complete freedom to tailor each of our creations to the exact needs of our clients, offering inclusive, accessible bird hide solutions. No matter whether you are looking for a wheelchair accessible bird hide or a bird hide that is set up to help less physically able individuals enjoy nature, we are here to help you meet the special needs of your visitors.

Features Of Accessible Bird Hides

As everything we make is bespoke, we tailor each design to the exact needs of the project in question, ensuring we can meet the needs of all your visitors. Below are a few features that we have incorporated in the past to help make bird hides more accessible, however you are limited only by your imagination and we can add any features that you might wish to include.

Access Ramps

rear view of bird hide at rspb pagham harbour cropped

We can create gently sloping access ramps to allow visitors with reduced mobility (and wheelchairs) to access bird hides easily. The can be added in addition to steps.

Seating & Shutters

Interior with seating island bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust

Fixed seating offers bird watchers the opportunity to indulge in nature whilst relaxing and double shutters can be fixed open or closed to stay protected from the elements.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows

Fixed windows such as these offer excellent nature views whilst protecting viewers from the elements, particularly useful for children and casual nature watchers.


15 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property

As bird hides are often located on wetland areas, we can create ramps and accessible boardwalks with handrails to allow access for all, including those with reduced mobility and wheelchairs.

Accessible Entrances

Exit island bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust

We understand what difficulty stairs can be for some people, so we can accommodate for this in any of our designs to ensure that no one has to be left out. Doors can also be widened for wheelchairs.

More Information About Our Bird Hides

We have made many different sizes and styles of bird hides over the years and our portfolio of creations continues to grow. Click here to see some more of our bird hides and wildlife hides.

Rspb bowling green marsh topsham bird hide front view
Front island bird hide at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust

Entrance with sign hide bay bird hide with sedum roof at abberton reservoir for essex wildlife trust

Interior windows open octagon bird hide childrens visitor information centre abberton reservoir essex wildlife trust

Design Your Own Accessible Bird Hides

Whether you need seating to let people rest, fixed windows to keep children dry and warm, or anything else that you can think of, please get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and we will work tirelessly to come up with the perfect solution. We can work to any brief and will help you to create something that you can be proud of whilst remaining inclusive to all visitors.

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