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The Design

This bridge construction project involved the construction of an arched bridge that allows visitors to cross a lake feeder stream on a historic estate. The entire bridge is built in oak and is 42 feet (13 metres) long.

The bridge itself was designed to be a replica of the original bridge which had rotted heavily and needed to be replaced. The original bridge, which had become unsafe to use, is pictured below and demonstrates the attention to detail we paid in ensuring that the new bridge would look just the same.


Like many of our projects, we constructed the bridge in our workshop and then transported the material to the site for installation. The reason that we do this is twofold. Firstly, it allows us to utilise the high quality machines in our workshop to make the best product possible. And secondly, minimising our time on site helps to minimise the costs for our clients. Our aim is to create as much of a complete structure as possible in our workshops, then transport it to the site in pieces for installation.


As expected, it was incredibly wet and muddy (and also quite cold) when we were installing the bridge, but with a lot of hard work, it only took four days for a team of four men to install this bridge from start to finish. A lot of the reason we were able to do this so quickly was because of the fact that we had carried out a lot of the construction work in our workshops after making detailed plans of the bridge’s exact measurements. Aside from having to work in difficult (wet) conditions, the installation went very smoothly, and attests to the high quality of our design and construction practices. The result is a bridge that remains true to the original, but will now be standing for many more years to come.

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04 victorian style arched bridge replica
Victorian style arched bridge plans

This bridge is one many bridges that we have made in the past, and as with all our designs, is custom built for this particular site. Often, we incorporate bridges into systems of boardwalks that traverse natural landscapes – primarily wetlands. Please take a look at some of our other bridges and boardwalks and do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you wish to discuss your own project. Our designers are only too happy to help and will help to guide you through the design and construction process.

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