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noahs petting ark dreamland computer plansComplete with animals, we built a modern day Noah’s Ark as part of the Dreamland amusement park in Margate. The large structure houses many different animals for the enjoyment of families, operating as a petting ark… like a petting zoo, but in an ark instead!

Once we had dimensions of the available space, we made some sketches before coming up with the finished digital plans. The Ark was then made at our workshop in Norfolk, as with all our creations, before being dissembled and transported to Dreamland where we put it all back together in its final resting place.

A very unique and creative project, it was exciting to be part of this creation and we hope to see it being enjoyed for many years, offering children the opportunity to get closer to animals. Experiences like this help to educate, garner interest, and raise awareness of nature for the upcoming generation which is something we believe in strongly.

dreamland noahs ark 03
dreamland noahs ark 02

Other Creations At Dreamland

In addition Noah’s Petting Ark, we also built a wooden gift shop and a pirate ship. The pirate ship was built as part of our sister company, Flights of Fantasy, which specialises in the production of bespoke play equipment.

Designing Your Bespoke Structure

Use this unique creation and our other bespoke timber creations as inspiration for your own project. We can help you realise your creative needs, whatever it is that you are looking for. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss different ideas and solutions for your needs.

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