Literally Giving Nature A Home

June 01, 2015

Blue tit 2 bowling green hide
Photo: David Boult

The Wild Deck Company’s New Hide Has Become A Home To More Than Just Bird Watchers.

Not too long ago we refurbished a Bird Hide at Bowling Green Marsh in Topsham Exeter. The much improved design is now more accessible and is much larger, allowing groups to use the facilities. We knew we were improving the local bird watching facilities, what we didn’t know is how we’d be directly supporting the local wildlife.

We heard only recently that just six months after installation, Blue Tits have taken up residence in the hide and are even believed to be breeding, all thanks to a carefully created nesting hole in the far right hand side of the structure.

Blue tit 1 bowling green hide

Photo: David Boult

This story really has brightened our day. It seems that between us, we are giving nature a home in more way than one.

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