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fox carving in forest

Carving The Local Wildlife

We have added a varied collection of wooden animal carvings to our portfolio at Rushden Lakes. Covering birds, mammals, insects, and fish, each animal carving is based upon the local wildlife. We spread the carvings across the Rushden Lakes site for visitors…

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herons nest play

This Heron’s Nest Is Big Enough For Humans

Gone are the days where climbing frames need to be lifeless metal structures that serve as unimaginative play features. We believe in rustic, attractive design, and recently drew upon our skills with natural timbers to create a giant heron’s nest…

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quercast sawmilling logo

Norfolk’s Hardwood Sawmill Is Now Open

We’re extremely excited to share that we have opened a specialist oak supplier and hardwood sawmill in Norfolk – Quercast Sawmilling. As demand for our timber structures has increased, we found ourself facing the dilemma of finding a reliable source…

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dreamland gift shop

A New Gift Shop For Dreamland

Constructed entirely from wood, we made a simple gift shop for Dreamland Margate. With shelves and cupboards, it allows the family attraction to showcase many of the different gift items that it sells. You can read more about Dreamland Gift…

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