The Benefits Of Bird Watching

March 21, 2017

Bird watching is a long standing past time of many individuals across the world, ranging from the casual bird observer to the birding enthusiast who keeps precise records of bird sightings. Bird hides are a huge part of The Wild Deck Company and we believe that there are many benefits of bird watching for children and adults alike. Here we look at some of the benefits of bird watching.

Get Away From Screens

Whilst figures vary, I’m sure we can all agree that many of us spend far too much time looking at screens rather than interacting with the real world around us. Whilst there are benefits of screen usage, we have become disconnected from the real world – notably with nature and the outdoors – and it is time we reconnected with life away from screens that have only come into heavy usage over the past few decades. Bird watching offers time away from screens, using our minds and bodies simultaneously.

Gain An Increased Appreciation For Nature

Without experiencing nature, it is hard to care for it or to appreciate it. Spending time bird watching involves being outdoors – enjoying or enduring the natural elements – breathing fresh air, and interacting with the world we live in. These times can be very powerful for introspective thought and reflection, offering an almost meditative state.

Acquire Patience

In a world where want everything and we want it now in a never ending battle for instant gratification, bird watching teaches patience. Bird watchers have to research where they can find birds, travel to the location, and spend time waiting for the birds to appear, resulting in a greater sense of achievement and improved levels of patience.

Engage In Physical Activity

The art of bird watching involves getting outdoors and walking to different sites, as well as encouraging further walking in nature. This physical activity has been shown to offer numerous health benefits and a healthy body helps to promote a healthy mind.

Find A Sense Of Community

In a world where we are becoming increasingly isolated, bird watching offers individuals the opportunity to join birding communities and to meet other like minded individuals. Whilst it is enjoyable to share common interests, the human connections that we gain through these experiences are becoming increasingly valuable and more difficult to come by.

In Summary…

Bird watching has numerous benefits for children and adults, and we would love to see more people becoming involved in bird watching and nature in general. Please share your thoughts on bird watching and what it has done – or could do – or you.