Buying British Oak

April 05, 2018

yellow oak leaf leaves autumn

As an environmentally friendly company who is dependent upon nature for our livelihood, we believe strongly in the use of sustainable, local timber. We create outdoor structures that are continuously at the mercy of the Great British weather and we choose to use British oak for its supreme level of durability. British oak lasts much longer than treated softwood without leeching toxic chemicals into the environment, meaning that the slight increase in initial cost is largely offset by the extended life of the structure in addition to the morally correct decision of preserving our natural world as much as possible.

Sustainable Oak Supply

All of the oak that we use is locally sourced to reduce on transport emissions and is FSC certified or equivalent. We do everything that we can to ensure that our oak suppliers are providing us with sustainable timber because without doing so would lead to long term damage upon the environment. You can read more about our environmental credentials here.

Where Do We Buy British Oak?

Sustainable British oak is not in abundant supply and due to our large demand for it, we have used many different sources in the local area. By 2017, our demand was becoming so great that we were struggling to find exactly what we needed, when we needed it, so we decided to buy our own sawmill and start cutting oak ourselves. This new venture operates under the name of Quercast Sawmilling: Norfolk’s oak supplier and hardwood sawmill. Thus our British oak supplier is now us!

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Quercast Sawmilling Logo

Buy British Oak From Us

We have now become an oak supplier to the UK market and source large packets of British oak so that we can offer our oak sawmilling services to others. If you are looking to buy sawn British oak, please get in contact with us at Quercast Sawmilling and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. We can offer everything from oak decking and flooring to structural oak and complete oak structures. Whilst we mill our oak in Norfolk, we offer delivery across the UK where necessary, although customers can collect timber from our sawmill if they prefer.

You can find out more about our British oak supply here. If you are looking for oak, we are here to meet all your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.