How Do You Enjoy Nature?

July 22, 2017

Walking through mud in bare feet as the rain pounds down or wrapped up by the fire watching epic David Attenborough documentaries, the enjoyment of nature is as diverse as nature itself.

The Birth Of The Wild Deck Company

It was a great love of nature that first brought The Wild Deck Company into existence. Based in the countryside of Norfolk, we are surrounded by nature, all the way to the coastline which surrounds the county with sweeping, sandy beaches and huge tides. Norfolk is a place where people go on holiday to walk outside because it looks like the English countryside should.

Even when living in such a place however, we can always do more to coexist with, and enjoy, the natural world around us. With three decades of construction experience followed by starting a fantasy themed play equipment company, our founder, Russell Bowlby, had the perfect skills in place to start Wild Deck when he inevitably returned to his natural origins. Having grown up in Norfolk, his childhood was spent in forests and around rivers, chasing every animal he could find to learn more about them. Despite not being allowed to keep animals at boarding school, Russell always found a way to keep a diverse array of creatures hidden away from his teachers, and won the most prestigious nature award at his school.

Helping Others To Enjoy Nature

In a world filled with smartphones and computers, where we are connected to the internet at all times of day, it is easy to become disconnected from nature. Studies have shown that children today spend less time outside than prisoners. Yes, you read that right. It seems terribly sad to us that people spend less time in nature, so we started to help them enjoy it more by making it more accessible. We make bird hides, boardwalks, viewing platforms, pond dipping platforms, and many other structures that encourage people to engage with nature and take a greater interest in it. Most importantly, they make nature more accessible.

On the rare, special days, that we get to be at grand openings, we take great pleasure in seeing the excited faces of people enjoying our creations. No matter whether you are an experienced bird watcher or a straight-up couch potato, nature is always there for you to indulge in.

What Do You Do To Indulge In Nature?

With so many ways to connect with the natural world, we love hearing stories of how people interact with and learn about nature. What do you do to connect with the natural world around you?

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