Raised Boardwalk & Wetland Boardwalk Design

June 05, 2018

05 morden hall park 250m oak and larch boardwalk nature walk with viewing platforms national trust property

As specialists in the design and manufacture of boardwalks, raised boardwalk and wetland boardwalk design are two of our specialities. Even in difficult environments with unstable, swampy ground, we are able to create raised wetland boardwalks that make previously inaccessible natural environments accessible to the general public.

How Do You Make A Raised Wetland Boardwalk?

We begin by designing the layout and then marking it out in the wetland. The next step is to install posts and support beams followed by joists, before eventually laying the decking and fitting safety rails where needed. The images below show some of the different stages in the creation of a wetland boardwalk.

posts wakehurst kew boardwalk work in progress

Step 1: Posts

supports wakehurst kew boardwalk work in progress

Step 2: Support Beams

wetland wakehurst kew boardwalk work in progress

Step 3: Joists

bridge kew wakehurst oak boardwalk wip

Step 4: Extra Support

laying decking 1

Step 5: Decking

almost finished kew wakehurst oak boardwalk wip

Step 6: Safety Rails

What Is A Wetland Boardwalk?

A wetland boardwalk is a boardwalk that runs through a wetland area, making the area accessible to visitors. It keeps visitors safe and clean whilst preventing any potential damage that could be done to the wetland. All of our wetland boardwalks are actually raised boardwalks, elevated on hardwood posts that are embedded into the wetland. Typically we use UK-grown oak for all parts of the boardwalk, including the decking, but we also use UK-grown sweet chestnut. Both materials are rated as durable, meaning they have a life expectancy of 15-25 years without harmful treatments that would eventually leach into the water table.

A few months after the installation of this raised wetland boardwalk, nature is taking over once more

Commission Your Own Wetland Boardwalk Or Raised Boardwalk

If you are looking to commission your own wetland boardwalk or raised boardwalk, please get in contact with us to let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to discuss different options available to you. We can make everything you need in terms of boardwalks, no matter whether you need an aerial / raised boardwalk that sits high above the ground or a wetland boardwalk that runs through nature. We can also install viewing platforms, viewing areas, pond dipping platforms, jetties, and anything else you might need. Below are a few examples of elements that we can incorporate into a raised boardwalk or wetland boardwalk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Find out more about our wooden boardwalks here. We also make accessible boardwalks suitable for use by individuals with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.