RSPB hide re-design nears completion

August 26, 2014

This is the ongoing extension and modification to the Bowling Green Marsh hide at Topsham, Exeter in Devon for the RSPB.

Week 3 update 2

Our progress so far:

  • Week 1 – Dismantle and clear the site
  • Week 2 – Form dwarf walls and floor, manufacture the joinery
  • Week 3 – Form the walls and roof
  • Week 4 – Form fascias, claddings and roof covering
  • Week 5 – Completion of joinery, claddings and decking!

The new hide will be 22m x 3.5m and will accomodate up to 70 people with full disabled access. It’s situated on an important wetland and destination for migrant birds (a Spotted Crane has recently been spotted still further – must be very spotty by now). The old hide, which has been modified and extended, used to get very crowded, so the new construction – large, light and airy – will be a welcome destination for everyone – schools, families, casual visitors and keen enthusiasts alike.

Week 3 update 1

Week 4 and 5 and completion photos to follow.