A Wheelchair Accessible Bird Hide

March 05, 2018

We believe in making nature accessible to all and our latest bird hide at Pagham Harbour that we built for the RSPB is a perfect example of that. The bird hide features a softly sloped entrance ramp, in addition to steps, meaning that wheelchairs can easily access the hide. The design of the bird hide is spacious enough to accommodate wheelchair users and we created viewing windows especially for use with a wheelchair – the windows are set lower than normal and we built a ‘box’ that allows visitors in wheelchairs to get right up to the window and enjoy nature as well as anyone else.

rear view of bird hide at rspb pagham harbour

A view of the bird hide from the rear, showing the gentle gradient of the access ramp.

front of bird hide at rspb pagham harbour

Front view of hide. Note the window with space for wheelchairs to get close to it.

Read more about our wheelchair friendly / accessible bird hides here, and see more pictures of the finished bird hide at Pagham Harbour here.